Lace research & development has been the key asset of Xiamen Fashion, the company has rapid investment on the R&D team year by year. The principle office is set up here in Xiamen, while the company also have design innovation teams set up in overseas market. These experienced designers come together as innovation team to create a diversity of lace design and draughting that fits the taste and fashion of different client tiers. 


In order to implement the ideas of lace design in the best form and instructions for the machine, draughtsman devote huge effort to create technical drawings in the best way they can for each thread of the pattern. Apart from lace appearance, draughtsman also take quality assurance into consideration. They need to implement the right use of yarn for specific finishing, so to make sure Xiamen Fashion lace meets both aesthetics and performance. 


Xiamen Fashion values the protection towards intellectual property rights (IPR). Each and every original piece of work has been copyright registered; ensuring the rights and benefits for both clients and the company.