Design & Draughting

They are the core value of Xiamen Fashion lace. Every season, the design and draft team will have chance to visit overseas clients and exchange ideas based on their pattern. This is essentially important for lace designers to know directly the needs from client tier, and to deliberate into pattern. Alongside with the industry latest trend report, we put delicate drawings into sophisticated lace.


All the machines in the knitting warehouse are from the world-leading supplier -- Karl Mayer. Machine types include Textronic, Jacquardtronic and Multibar Electronic, making a wide variety of laces. The warehouse is 24/7 maintained under specific temperature and humidity throughout the year, ensuring the effective running of machines and the quality of laces knitted. All machines processing is real-time monitored and controlled by experienced specialist, which are sent for Karl Mayer training on regular basis.

Greige Inspection

Greige inspection is completed with semi-automatic greige inspection machines. Our greige is 100% checked, so as to identify quality risk at the earliest stage and to prevent un-qualified greige going into the next procedure. All the inspection results are entered into the manufacturing procedure system on a timely basis, guaranteeing the integrity and traceability of all inspection data.

Quality Assurance

Full Equipped Testing Laboratory + Advanced Testing Machines + Professional Technicians + Standardized Testing Guidance = Accurate Test Reports! The company has invested over millions in RMB to build up its own lab that meets national standard. The reports generated by this lab are recognized by all clients. The on-site laboratory is strictly managed according to the industrial standard and provides reliable testing results to our clients, guaranteeing the physical and chemical reliability of each product.

Finishing Inspection

Finished-product inspection - as the last quality check process, is monitored by semi-automatic dyed-greige inspection and lace rolling machine. This procedure conducts strict control towards lace appearance, color accuracy, etc, so to make sure only the best quality lace is packed and shipped to client.

Cutting, Packing & Shipping

From the delicate design to cutting and finalized with packing then shipped out to clients. Xiamen Fashion, in the excelsior of craftsmanship, treats each and every procedure of lace manufacturing with extreme care. Xiamen Fashion grow and furnish with lace.