All the knitting machines in Xiamen Fashion Knitting warehouse are from the world-leading supplier ---- Karl Mayer, with the purpose to provide the best quality lace with global standard. Machine types include Raschel, Textronic, Jacquardtronic and Multibar Electronic…etc; each comprehensive machine type is capable to produce a diversity of lace to fulfill the emerging market demand.

• Jacquardtronic® Lace: produce flat and lightweight lace with variable mesh constructions.

• Textronic® Lace: produce lace with 3D effect and variable mesh constructions.

• Multibar Electronic: produce flat and lightweight lace with homogeneous mesh constructions.

Machines are monitored by experienced operating team. They are each responsible for specific procedure, while the knitting warehouse is running a 24-7 production capacity. It is also maintained under specific temperature and humidity control to ensure the effectiveness of the machine and yarn. Through decades of development, Xiamen Fashion is able to acquire rich knitting expertise into practical use. We learn from the market everyday and we acquire machines and mechanics to achieve full capacity with efficacy.