Our on-site laboratory was set up in 2006, with an operative surface of over 300m2. The management system of the lab was established and implemented according to the standard ISO/IEC17025. The lab is equipped with over 30 sets of testing machines, serving a wide range of inspection purpose. A conditioning room under specific temperature and humidity monitoring was built in addition to the lab in 2016; certified by national standard. The lab is now operated by 6 professional technicians for daily inspection, testing and analysis. Adhering to the strict requirements of regulatory standards like ISO, ASTM and AATCC, customers gain confidence in the reliability and integrity of our products through quality assurance from the lab. The lab is qualified for various chemical & physical testing for both laces/outwear fabrics, including but not limited to: pH value, phenolic yellowing, color fastness (CF) to washing, CF to water, CF to perspiration, CF to rubbing, dimentional stability & appearance after wash, bursting strength, elongation & recovery, composition, yarn fracture performance, yarn twist determination, etc.

Key Testing Equipments:

Tinius Olsen L Series Fabric Elongation Tester (100N)

Instron Fabric Elongation Tester (500N)

Electrolux Washer (Europe Standard)

X-rite PANTONE Color Assessment Cabinet (US Standard)

VeriVide Color Assessment Cabinet

Mullen Burst Tester