English Tutorial Class

To cope with the rapid expansion and stay competitive and connected with overseas clients, Xiamen Fashion offers English tutorial classes to staffs that are less strong in foreign languages. The tutorial classes are hold in different session each week, with basic and advance level tutors interact and offer English language skills to staffs after office hours.

Team Building Programme

Team spirit is the core value of Xiamen Fashion. Each team works closely with each other to create a synergy that builds creativity and motivation within the company. Every October, Xiamen Fashion will host high energy team building challenges that bring out different learning objectives. Teams are mixed into various roles that are different with their normal working environment. These competition heats up as teams see how the other teams are performing when they tackled the same challenge. The aim is to train up elite talents that could cope with the emerging market and to deal with daily challenges that we all face at work.

Staff Development Platform

Through the internal training and development, to inspire and enlighten new recruits, Xiamen Fashion uses internal mentors from different teams to coach new recruits, to train and support the individuals towards the achievement of those goals and ends. Staffs are also given the opportunity to switch between departments as management trainee, to inspire each individual to achieve the best of one’s talents. As overseas clients play a main role to business, staffs are given the opportunity to travel overseas on a regular basis. Each team could have the chance to meet and greet with overseas clients, to learn from different culture and to enlighten oneself for better work experience.


Production technician/general worker/operator | Number of recruits : 10 [2021-01-04]

I. Job requirements:

1. No limitation, high school or vocational education or above, visual acuity 1.0 or more;

2. Adapt to shifts.

II. Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the operation of production equipment;

2. Inspecting production equipment to deal with product defects in time to ensure product quality;

3. Familiar with production process, standardize operation and maintain production equipment;

4. Record production data and feedback abnormal production conditions.

Dyeing and finishing general worker / operator | Number of recruits : 20 [2021-01-04]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Front-line operators in the workshop; 2. Complete the production tasks according to the requirements of superiors.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1.  junior high school or above

2. Be able to work on shift 2

3. Relevant experience is preferred

Quality check | Number of recruits : 2 [2021-01-04]

I. Job Requirements:

1. Junior high school or above;

2, no myopia, color blindness, can adapt to work overtime;

3. More than one year related working experience.

Ii. Job Responsibilities:

1. Conduct product inspection according to inspection standards;

2. Record the inspection results and feedback the quality abnormity;

3. 6S work of inspection equipment.

3. Annual pre-tax salary: 40,000-60,000 yuan

Quality control foreman | Number of recruits : 1 [2021-01-04]

I. Job responsibilities

1. Sampling inspection and supervision of cloth quality items according to order requirements;

2. Verification, analysis and presentation of all related quality statements;

3. Responsible for monitoring the quality of deployment and implementing education and training;

4. Supervise and arrange timely material collection and delivery, and deal with unqualified products;

5. Maintenance of inspection instruments and maintenance of 6S in the workplace;

6. Provide suggestions for improvement in the formulation and revision of the inspection standards and operating procedures based on them;

7. Complete the temporary work assigned by leaders

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. More than 3 years of QC experience in fabric inspection, basic knowledge of color discrimination and practical experience in color matching;

2. Strong leadership, ability to identify conventional fabric specifications, identify, grade and determine the cause of various fabric defects.

Dyeing foreman / Technician | Number of recruits : 1 [2021-01-04]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the daily production arrangement and production supervision of the team working in dyeing process

2. Coordinated and completed the production tasks assigned by superiors

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. Solid basic knowledge of dyeing and finishing technology; familiar with machine operation and maintenance; familiar with production process;

2. Technical secondary school or above, with more than 1 year working experience as foreman is preferred;

3. Lace related experience is preferred.

Setter foreman | Number of recruits : 1 [2021-01-04]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Cooperate with the supervisor to complete the tasks assigned by the production, reasonably arrange the production of the shift, implement the production process, and control the product quality

2. Follow up and check the technological process and the quality of each working procedure of key products and new products, supervise the subordinate staff to strictly follow the technological requirements and operation regulations in the whole process, so as to ensure the safe production and product quality

3. Carry out staff training and improve staff quality comprehensively

Ii. Job Requirements:

Technical secondary school or above, more than 3 years working experience in lace molding machine monitor management position.

Sewage handler | Number of recruits : 2 [2020-12-31]

1. Be responsible for the normal operation of the whole system of the company's water treatment plant, ensure the water quality and treatment capacity, make it meet the recovery requirements and on-site water requirements, and make the discharged water meet the national standards.

2. Regularly check the whole system, observe the dosage and water quality, and add medicine to each tank in time.

3. Regularly test the water quality of raw water, soft water, reclaimed water, discharge water and water film dust removal, document the test results, find out the cause of any abnormality, deal with it in time and report to the supervisor.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1, technical secondary school or above, more than two years of dyeing and finishing enterprise sewage and water treatment experience

2. Can independently complete the detection of various water purification indicators, and be skilled in wastewater anaerobic biochemical treatment process;

3. Hold sewage treatment skill certificate or treatment experience in the same industry.

Lab manager | Number of recruits : 1 [2021-01-08]

I. Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, once held a management position in a laboratory;

2. Have experience in lace lab product testing, and have experience in brand clothing company product testing.

3. Work in Nanping.

Ii. Job Requirements:

Mainly responsible for the physical laboratory and chemical laboratory system establishment, test management, to ensure the accuracy of test results.

1. Responsible for establishing the laboratory system according to AATCC, ISO and customer standards, and compiling relevant operation specifications and test management.

2. Responsible for the management and maintenance of laboratory equipment

3. Responsible for 6S management and MSDS training in the laboratory

4. Analyzed test results, formulated improvement measures, and supervised the implementation of improvement measures

Laboratory Technician | Number of recruits : 2 [2020-12-28]

I. Job Requirements:

1.  good vision, no color blindness;

2.College degree or above, with experience in garment product inspection and testing.

Ii. Job Responsibilities:

1. Sample testing: test according to the test standard, fill in the test record, and issue the test report and abnormal feedback;

2. Equipment maintenance: operation and daily spot check according to equipment specifications and standards;

3. Implement 6S in the responsibility area and keep the site clean.

Color matching staff | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for controlling and adjusting the color of each dyeing cylinder to improve the color accuracy

2. Manage the daily affairs of color/physical inspection of finished products and staff training.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. Technical secondary school or above, major in dyeing and finishing

2. Familiar with dyeing process and production process, more than 5 years color experience in dyeing factory, with keen color sense.

Colorist | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

According to the dye cloth sample and paper sample, the color requirement and the dyeing process determined by the process design, the appropriate dye is selected and the color has reached the color requirement of the incoming sample, and the process prescription is listed for putting into production.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. Men and women ;

2, technical secondary school or above, dyeing and finishing, chemical and other related majors;

3. Good eyesight.

Clothing flat lathe operator | Number of recruits : 20 [2020-12-28]

I. Job Requirements:

1. Earnest and diligent in work, able to actively cooperate with work arrangement;

2. More than two years' working experience in garment sewing.

Ii. Job Responsibilities:

1. Completed the garment sewing work timely according to the arrangement of the supervisor;

2. Ensure sewing quality.

3. Reference salary: RMB 5,000 / month - RMB 6,000 / month

Weighing staff | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

Be responsible for accurately weighing and collecting the dye auxaries required for field dyeing according to the dyeing recipe list issued by the colorist

Ii. Job Requirements:

1.  high school or above

2, no myopia color blindness, understanding of dyeing assistant is preferred

3. Be sensitive to number concepts

Electrician | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of the company's high and low voltage circuits, motors and electrical equipment.

2. Strictly observe circuit technical rules and safety rules to ensure safe power supply and normal operation of electrical equipment.

Ii. Job requirements

Technical secondary school education, hold high voltage electrician certificate, can operate independently, have printing and dyeing factory experience is preferred.

Mechanic | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the daily maintenance, inspection and supervision of the company's equipment.

2. Responsible for the maintenance of the company's main machines and the establishment of archives.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. High school degree or above, at least two years of mechanical equipment maintenance experience.

2. Working experience in printing and dyeing factory is preferred.

Warehouse supervisor | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Warehouse planning;

2. Manage material entering and leaving the warehouse to ensure timely and accurate receipt and delivery;

3. Inventory management;

4. Daily work management of the warehouse;

5. 6s management on site;

6. System construction and team building.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. High school degree or above, major in warehousing and logistics;

2. More than 5 years working experience in warehouse, more than 3 years working experience in management position;

3. Familiar with the operation process of warehousing and logistics;

4. Proficient in office software.

Warehouse operator | Number of recruits : 4 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Related work of raw material warehousing;

2. Cooperate with the group leader to carry out material inventory;

3. 6s maintenance work on site.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. High school degree or above, with forklift truck license;

2. More than 1 year working experience in warehouse, familiar with basic warehouse workflow;

3. Able to operate ERP system.

Security captain | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-28]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Arranged and managed the daily work of the security team, and constantly improved the overall quality of the team;

2. Daily spot check, management and maintenance of all security facilities and systems in the factory;

3. Assist superior leaders to establish and improve emergency plans and measures of the factory, and organize and implement various emergency drills;

4. Inspect plant safety, and cooperate with superior leaders to organize identification and evaluation of risk factors.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. Have received systematic training in fire safety, first aid knowledge, emergency management and other relevant knowledge, and have practical operation skills;

2. Proficient in operating various security systems, such as elimination control system, access control system, monitoring system, patrol system, etc.;

3. At least 2 years of security management experience in large and medium-sized enterprises, industrial parks, star-rated hotels and large businesses;

4. Technical secondary school or above

Security staff | Number of recruits : 4 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Access control management: responsible for the registration of vehicles, personnel and goods;

2. Visit guidance: responsible for guiding important guests to visit;

3. Responsible for the sanitary inspection of the factory and dormitory;

4. Responsible for express delivery and letter delivery;

5. Responsible for the internal affairs management of the security office;

6. Other temporary matters assigned by leaders.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. High school diploma or above, security certificate holder, veteran or security related major preferred;

2. at least 2 working experience in the same position.

3. Working place is Nanping

Human Resources Specialist | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development of recruitment channels, complete the recruitment plan 

   of Nanping Branch, and meet the employment demand.

2. Organized the development of training and completed the training plan.

3. Responsible for the standardized management and procedures for the entry, 

    departure, transfer and post transfer of the branch staff.

4. Responsible for five social insurance and one housing fund management, 

    personnel file management, attendance management, 

    personnel system management and work-related injury management.

5. Organize and carry out corporate cultural activities.

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in human resources, business administration, etc.

2. 3 years hr related working experience in manufacturing industry.

3. Understand the basic national and local policies, laws and regulations.

4. Familiar with the development of recruitment channels in Nanping, 

campus recruitment experience is preferred.

5. Strong communication and coordination skills and efficient execution.

Merchandiser | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-31]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Receiving orders: responsible for receiving orders, reviewing regular orders, and giving feedback of exceptions in time.

2. Order follow-up: Follow up the production process of each process to ensure the quality, quantity and timely completion of the order.

3. Delivery: According to the delivery date of the order, provide delivery information, arrange logistics, follow up logistics progress, and ensure the timely receipt of goods by customers.

4. Exception handling: coordination, handling and feedback of order exceptions.

5. Payment recovery: check the sales volume, billing, payment recovery and order information with customers every month, follow up the progress of payment recovery, and timely feed back abnormal payment information.

6. Sample management: arrange daily samples required by customers (sampling, sending samples, registration, reply and tracking).

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. Cet-4 or above, able to read and reply customers' English emails;

3. Able to work overtime.

Lace process design Manager | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-28]

I. Job Responsibilities:

1. Client commissioned version opening: arrange the product process drawing according to the client's delivery date.

2. Independent development: issue the process tasks according to the development schedule, arrange the process drawing, and organize the review of the process feasibility.

3. Organize the product trial version and confirm the first sample, including elasticity index, dimension and specification, requirements of single and double directions of edge strip production, locking requirements, production equipment, etc., to ensure that the process meets the customer's requirements.

4. Arrange dyeing arrangement for new products, review dyeing information and deal with abnormal communication.

5. Abnormal communication, coordination and handling in the opening process.

6. Risk control in the development process

7. Personnel training and guidance of the process team

Ii. Job Requirements:

1. Technical secondary school or above, major in textile, clothing, art, design, etc

2. Familiar with lace materials, products, models and process characteristics

3. More than 5 years working experience in lace production technology and process, more than 3 years management experience in the same position

4. Skilled in using technology to make software EAT, RS, PROCAD, etc

Lace craft Designer | Number of recruits : 1 [2020-12-28]

I. Job requirements:

1. Men and women are not limited. College degree or above;

2. Skillful use of daily office software and process software;

3. Be responsible and enthusiastic.

II. Job responsibilities:

1. Master the development trend of lace products industry in time, master and update process design technology in time;

2. To be responsible for the analysis and production of various types of passenger samples, to provide various types of machine parameters for lace production department, and to guide the machine modification operation;

3. Be responsible for the consumption accounting of standard materials for each lace product of various models, and provide basis for the quotation of lace sales department.

III. Pre-tax annual salary: 100,000-200,000