English Tutorial Class

To cope with the rapid expansion and stay competitive and connected with overseas clients, Xiamen Fashion offers English tutorial classes to staffs that are less strong in foreign languages. The tutorial classes are hold in different session each week, with basic and advance level tutors interact and offer English language skills to staffs after office hours.

Team Building Programme

Team spirit is the core value of Xiamen Fashion. Each team works closely with each other to create a synergy that builds creativity and motivation within the company. Every October, Xiamen Fashion will host high energy team building challenges that bring out different learning objectives. Teams are mixed into various roles that are different with their normal working environment. These competition heats up as teams see how the other teams are performing when they tackled the same challenge. The aim is to train up elite talents that could cope with the emerging market and to deal with daily challenges that we all face at work.

Staff Development Platform

Through the internal training and development, to inspire and enlighten new recruits, Xiamen Fashion uses internal mentors from different teams to coach new recruits, to train and support the individuals towards the achievement of those goals and ends. Staffs are also given the opportunity to switch between departments as management trainee, to inspire each individual to achieve the best of one’s talents. As overseas clients play a main role to business, staffs are given the opportunity to travel overseas on a regular basis. Each team could have the chance to meet and greet with overseas clients, to learn from different culture and to enlighten oneself for better work experience.


Guan Peisheng/Reserve Cadres (Nanping Project) | Number of recruits : 20 [2019-04-08]

1. Job requirements:

1. Major: Textile Engineering, Light Chemical Engineering, Machinery and other specialties are preferred.

2. College students and above are not limited to men and women.

This position is reserved for managerial cadres. After studying and working in Xiamen General Factory for 1-1.5 years, excellent employees can serve in Xiamen or Nanping according to the company's needs.

Training and Career Planning

1. Unified arrangement for training (internship) at Xiamen Headquarters;

2. Distribution to departments for on-the-job training in accordance with professional and personal wishes

3. According to the requirements of each position and the actual performance of the individual, the training cycle varies from one to two years.

4. After the training is completed, the reserve cadres are allocated to Nanping Base or Xiamen Headquarters, taking into account the personal wishes and company planning.

5. Career planning:

Weaving Production Pipe Peisheng-workshop monitor-weaving manager-weaving director

Quality Control and Management Training--Quality Supervisor--Manager--Quality Control Supervisor

Warehousing and Logistics Management Training--Warehousing Supervisor--Manager

Salary treatment

1. Internship and the first stage (1-6 months) salary: 3300 yuan/month-4300 yuan/month;

2. Stage 2 (6-12 months) Salary: 3600 yuan/month-6000 yuan/month

3. After 2 years'training, excellent students can be assessed for their promotion to professional or management routes. The salary expectation can reach 6000-9000 in 2 years.

4. Working hours: 6 days and 8 hours

IV. Corporate Welfare

1. Provide new students with residence and archives in Xiamen

2. Pay five insurance (pension, unemployment, work-related injury, childbirth, medical insurance)

3. Provide a complete set of free dormitories (equipped with air conditioning, water heaters, wardrobes, etc.)

Free gym with badminton club and yoga club in 4 and 24 hours

5. Providing welfare canteens

6. Providing paid leave (12 days of Spring Festival, annual leave, marriage leave, paternity leave, breast-feeding leave, etc.) and maternity consolation

7. Providing professional career mentor training both inside and outside

8. A generous year-end bonus (annual salary 13-15)

9. Excellent Employees (Annual Selection). The company wholly provides 7 days of overseas travel.

Tester/Tester | Number of recruits : 1 [2019-04-08]

I. Qualifications:

1, 24-35 years old, good vision, no color blindness;

2. Relevant work experience is preferred.

3. Welcome the new students of testing technology colleges and universities.

2. Job responsibilities:

1. Sample testing: According to the testing standard, according to the schedule, fill in the testing record, issue the testing report and abnormal feedback;

2. Equipment Maintenance and Maintenance: Operating in accordance with the equipment standard and daily inspection;

3. Implement 6S in the responsible area to keep the site clean and tidy.

3. Pre-tax annual salary of 60,000-90,000

Fourth, Post special benefits:

1. At the end of 2 years, international professional tutors will be employed to evaluate and Award International Certificates (which are commonly used in large enterprises at home and abroad), once every 2 years.

Foreign Trade Salesman/Sales | Number of recruits : 1 [2019-04-08]

1. Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, CET-4 or above;

2. Good working experience and family;

3. Graduates are welcome.

2. Job responsibilities:

1. Assist brand managers in developing new markets, new customers, and new product promotion.

2. Assist Brand Manager to Follow up New Product Development Progress

3. Follow up customer's product inquiries, order delivery and other work, and keep abreast of the progress of each link of the order

4. Collect and feedback customer complaints and complaint information in time, follow up the improvement, visit customers from time to time, and maintain good customer relationship.

3. Pre-tax annual salary: 60,000-100,000

Fourth, Post special benefits:

1.6 months of professional training (raw materials, design, production) for all processes within the company;

2.6 months assistant salesman;

3. Customer managers contact customers directly in different ways.

4. Departmental managers lead teams of more than 6 people.

5. Travel to Europe, America and other regions n times a year.